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Arnhemse Meisjes is a group of professional dancers, based in Arnhem. The members of Arnhemse Meisjes are; Anna Fransen, Aida Guirro Salinas, Fernanda Silva, Yeli Beurskens, Kim Tuerlings and Inbal Abir.  


We all studied in ArtEZ Dance Academy, and after our graduation we decided to stay in Arnhem. We discovered a lack of opportunities for dancers and makers to train, create and perform in this city. Out of our own need we decided to work together and created the platform New Seeds. 


Our goal is to plant new seeds to blossom. After one year of activities we discovered we were not the only ones in need for more; dancers in Arnhem embrace our work, the activities have attracted many dancers and makers from all around Europe. We give dancers trust and inspiration to create their own initiatives and be proactive, which is important for artists nowadays. 

Arnhemse Meisjes - New Seeds offer workshops for professional dancers, Performance Nights where we host new young makers and other events in the city. We aspire to create an active base of contemporary dance for professional dancers and makers.  

We believe Arnhem has a great potential and need for contemporary dance. We want to enrich the city by exposing the beautiful locations it has, and bring it ‘to life’ with movement. One of our goals is to bring dance closer to a new audience.  

Meet The Team

Inbal Abir

Inbal Abir is one of the founders of Arnhemse Meisjes - New Seeds. She is based in Arnhem and graduated from ArtEZ, School of Dance.

Inbal is a dance artist, originally from Israel, living and working in the Netherlands. After her graduation from ArtEZ Dance Academy, she has been busy with developing her artistic voice. Her physical research is inspired by Yoga, Acrobatics Fitness and other methods. She aspires to bring dance and movement to people’s life, and take them on a journey of self-discovery and personal growth. Before deciding to dive into dance, Inbal volunteered and worked with under privileged teenagers for a social political group in Israel. Influenced by these experiences, her works deal with the conditions of human beings and our society. In her pieces she questions relationships among people, among countries and inside one’s self. 

Yeli Beurskens

Yeli Beurskens is one of the founders of Arnhemse Meisjes - New Seeds. She is based in Arnhem and graduated from ArtEZ, School of Dance.

After her studies, she worked in several 

productions of Korzo, Dansateliers and De Nieuwe Oost; the three main production 

houses of dance in The Netherlands. New creations where she took part of were "Quite Discontinuous'' (2013) and "Kraai" (2015) by Jasper van Luijk, ''Spring Tide'' (2013) and "About Lucian'' (2015) by Jens van Daele and ''Goldmund'' (2014) by theater company Orkator. Four of those  creations had a tour of around 25 performances through The Netherlands Yeli is interested in physical, raw and intuitive movement and the relations between herself and another person, an

object or the surroundings. Also she enjoys

to collaborate with artists from different

backgrounds, to broaden her view and increase her knowledge. 

Aida Guirro Salinas

Aïda Guirro Salinas joined Arnhemse Meisjes - New Seeds in 2016 after moving back to Arnhem. She graduated from ArtEZ, School of Dance.

Her strong curiosity to dance and also create, led her to specialize in the Minor Maker.  She has been researching her ideas in residency spaces such as De Nieuwe Oost (Arnhem), Cloud Danslab (Den Haag), El Graner (Barcelona) and Ruimte in Beweging in Schiedam (Rotterdam) As a dancer she works or has worked for different choreographers: Iris van Peppen, Dieter Defurne, Simone Truing, Paula Walta, Jasper van Luijk, Einav Eshel, Eline van Ark and Inbal Abir, among others. 


She also works in collaboration together with dancers or artists from other fields Besides dancing and creating, Aida  teaches contemporary dance, focusing on floor work and improvisation. 


Anna Fransen

Anna Fransen is one of the founders of Arnhemse Meisjes - New Seeds. She is based in Arnhem and studied at ArtEZ.

After her studies, she danced in various 

performances traveling around the country at summer festivals with Visual Dance Theatre Telder and worked with choreographers/companies like Vloeistof Dans (Hersenvakantie), Cora Bos-Kroese (CaDance Festival, the Hague), Kasper Ravnhoj (Mute Comp. Physical Theatre,Copenhagen), Jens van Daele, Lana Coporda,   (CHOREO(graphic) SELECTION, IT's Festival Amsterdam and Moving Futures Nederland), Laura Witzleben (One Night's Dance Rotterdam and in various places Europe), Inbal Abir (Dance Flavours Performance Night) and with Sharon Fridman (Oerol 2016).

Fernanda Silva

Fernanda Silva is one of the founders of Arnhemse Meisjes - New Seeds. She is based in Arnhem. She studied at the National Conservatory of Dance in Lisbon in 2008 and after moving to Arnhem, she took her BA at ArtEZ Dansacademie, graduating in 2014.


She performed in works from Joeri Dubbe, Jérome Meyer, assisted Itamar Serussi’s `Sacre du Printemps´ and presented her own work `Ha ha ha ha´. 

As an artist, Fernanda is developing a method which can support her choreographic signature and performance skills, focusing on physical  aspects related to her movement research and shares through her pieces views on social behaviours and psychology. 

Kim Tuerlings

Kim Tuerlings joined Arnhemse Meisjes - New Seeds in 2017, after moving to Arnhem. She is now based in Arnhem and graduated from Moderne Theaterdans Uitvoerend, Amsterdam.

After graduating from the MBO Dance Teaching education and the HBO Modern Theatre Dance in Amsterdam, Kim dances as a freelancer in different projects both in the Netherlands and abroad. 

Together with other performers, she makes presentations for children and gives workshops related to these performances. Next to this, Kim also teaches dance to pupils.